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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Material Girl Collection

I know I know, I'm a little late to post these up and I'm sure you've probably seen the pics somewhere else... but I wanted to comment on them so voila, a post on Madonna's new line Material Girl.

So I didn't grow up in the 80's, nor did I grow up dancing to Madonna's songs. My first "encounter" with Madona was when I was 11 and she collaborated with Britney Spears for the song "Me against the music" for Britney's In the Zone album. I liked the song, but i was never a big fan of Madonna. I just felt indifferent to her. I was too young to realize and appreciate her ability to stay relevant all these years.
As I grew older, I started listening to a couple of her songs, I enjoyed them but I was never a "fan". I didn't hate her or anything, she just wasn't my cup of tea (specially when she started with all this Kabala red string stuff :s).
I started seeing photos of her daughter Lourdes and I think she was like 12 or 13 and she was wearing this killer outfit somewhere in NY, and that was the day when I had a new found respect for Lourdes. Her style, yes crazy sometimes, is brilliant.
When I heard that Madonna's designing a clothing line, I was NOT surprised -everyone is doing it these days. I was just surprised she hadn't done it before. I secretly hoped that she would let her daughter help her out with the designs and next thing I read somewhere that Lourdes did help (yes!).

I was quiet pleased when I saw the sketches of the line. They're very "Material Girl" and very wearable. The line is going to be a hit!
I really like this dress and I think I would love to wear this on my birthday. It's sexy and colourful and bright. Very cute! I really love the dress, I hope it's shiny because then it would be the perfect party dress. Also the bag is beautiful and I definitely see myself carrying it around.
The one thing about Material Girl I loved was Madonna's hair, I'm glad that they incorporated that hairstyle with the designs and this is my favorite look. The blazer with the polka dots, brilliant.

The line comes out August 3 only at Macy's.


  1. wow... interesting post. i've never been a fan of madonna to be honest. really enjoyed reading this though, and such aptly fitting illustrations and pictures. beautiful.


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