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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Knight and Day premiere: Cameron Diaz

at the London premiere
 in a Stella McCartney sweater dress. Let's put aside the fact that Tom Cruise is wearing heels, or something to make him look tall. [You're not fooling anyone Tommy, Cameron Diaz is taller than you without her heels on, there's no way you're her height when she's wearing heels.]
On the Cammy's dress, I find it very boring. I don't care if it has a little sparkle, it's still a frigging SWEATER DRESS! I don't think she looks bad, but since she IS Cameron Diaz, I was expecting something fun :) I give you a C

at the Bordeaux premiere
in a Vionnet dress, now that is one shorttttt dress! If I had her legs, I'd be wearing short dresses like that all the time! I actually like this look. I know that the colours aren't that exciting, but Black and White aren't classics for no reason. Plus the length of the dress makes this a fun risky look. I think it would have been more fun if she had done something with her hair, it looks like she just rolled out of bed. I'm a fan of the "bedhair" look, but not with this dress and NOT at a movie premiere. Putting the hair factor aside, she still looks good so she gets a B-
at the Munich premiere

in Bottega Veneta.  It's apparent that Cameron stuck to the "black white and whatever's in between" colour pallette on her tour to promote the movie. I would have liked to see her in some fun colours...
On to the dress, I like the white dress it goes great with her skin colour. It's very summer chic, but again slightly boring for a person like Cameron...
She does get points from me for sporting one of the biggest spring/summer trends which I'm quiet fond of, which is the nude pumps. Although it's not quiet the same shade as her legs, I'm glad she wore these Pierre Hardy peep toe pumps instead of another boring pair of black pumps. I like this look, I think she looks good and she's smiling :D She gets a B+

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