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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Kylie Minogue wears Emilio Pucci in her new album "Aphrodite", these pics are from the pics found in the sleeve of the CD. I love all the blue, the heels are gorgeous! 

Thought you guys should know :) 
Have a good day!


  1. She is a true example that age aint nuthin but a number!
    Can u believe she's 41?
    Damn she is hotte!
    Nice heels too :)

  2. ahh niice!
    another FYI for you..
    there is this new show here called Covert Affairs and the girl from Coyote Ugly is in it as a CIA operative. In the pilot episode, she meets up with a Russian spy for intel and then he gets shot and she's gotta run for it so she takes off her shoes...Louboutin pumps to be exact. Seeing that my heart ached but it's ok she returned to the scene of the crime as a hooker under the pretense "Do you know how expensive these are?" and also got the intel.
    Thank you for listening to that long rant. I thought of you when it happened. hahaha <3 FYI

  3. @guymeetsworld I know! I hope I hope half as good as her when I'm 41 :P

    @Maya Piper something, that's the girl from Cayote Ugly's name. I saw her on Jimmy Fallon (or one of those late night shows) and she was talking about the show. Louboutins :D ana badda :( I'll definetely check out the show if they put it on here or if I find a copy in Bourj Hammoud :)



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