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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emilio Pucci Fall Winter 2010-11 Runway Shoes

Another Emilio Pucci post... I know I know.. you hate me. I'm sorry, I should change the name to the blog to Emilio Pucci addict :( I can't help myself, but you knew that I was a Pucci addict way before this post. And I'm damn proud of it. So whether ya like it or not, you're going to enjoy the pics from the Fall Winter 2010/11 of the Runway Shoes.
When it comes to Winter shoes, I prefer my shoes to be boots... you know since Winter usually equates rain and cold. I don't see myself in open toe shoes and sandals.
Since I don't live in a climate where winter equates sun, I'll definitely be sticking to boots and closed shoes. So seeing as most of the collection consists of open shoes this is definitely not for me, not that I could afford it in the first place (but let's just say we're in my "I can afford anything I want" bubble).
The two boots that are in the collection are cute, but they're not too special... I've seen very similar ones so I'm not crazy about them. The sandals on the other hand, I really like, although yes even those look like shoes I've seen before... they're still cute.
There's only the rain/cold factor which is not working for me when it comes to the shoes, but for those you who live in sunny winter places and whose lifestyles allow for them to enjoy such pretty shoes, well these would just be perfect now won't they?

What do you think of the Collection?? :)

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  1. Thank you Aline for stopping by my blog! Wow, these shoes are so sexy & will help any lady stand taller & become more confident. I'm learning a lot more about fashion through your blog! Have a great weekend :)


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