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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kristin Davis SACT 2

Leaving my favorite til the last :) Kristin Davis looked AMAZING in EVERYTHING that she wore. I loved every single one of her looks.

at the New York premiere in Jean Desses

Like SJP, Davis chose a bright dress to the New York premiere and she wins my choice as best dressed in New York. Who said that bubble gum pink isn't elegant??

at the after party in Christian Dior

I'm in love with the forest green colour of the dress. Davis looked stunning as usual.

at the London Premiere in Vintage Normal Norell

Davis was all shines at the london premiere in the Norman Norell dress.

at the after party in Vintage Pierre Balmain

Keeping with the shiny motif from the London premiere, Davis slipped into a vintage Balmain cocktail dress for the after party. Pretty!

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