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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hate! Costume Institute Gala

Well my monkies, I've saved the worse for last. I only have 3 hate dresses, because unfortunately didn't have time to see ALL the dresses from the event. So here it goes.

Carey Mulligan In Miu Miu

Not an ugly dress... horrible choice for this event. She looks too casual for the event and unlike Rachel Bilson I don't like the dress at all. So Carey, better luck next time!

January Jones In YSL

It makes me so bad to see celebrities wear a very pretty dress but mess up the whole look with lame accessories and ugly makeup. Seriously, do you NOT own a mirror? I'll let you borrow mine if you need one next time! That eye shadow looks horrible and doesn't go with your outfit AT ALL! Second, what is up with those gloves???? you're not the princess at the ball!

Maggie Gyllenhaal In Louis Vuitton

I've never understood Maggie Gyllenhaal's sense of style, and I will never understand this dress. I like the stapes and the booby area and that's it, the rest of it is just plain ugly! ew

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  1. LOL!!!! i liked the "booby" are of Maggie's dress as well but the rest downwards is just bleh


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