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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

eh: Costume Institute Gala

My Monkies!!! i'm so sorry for not posting for 2 days, but I was in the middle of the Costume Institue Gala post when I lost connection then I got busy with uni and well you know the rest now don't you. Well I'm back and I shall continue with the breakdown of the "Eh/hate/love" posts :D
This is the eh looks (leaving the worse for last). By "eh" I mean: "it's not horrible, you look decent but there were prettier dresses than yours so eh".

Rosario Dawson In Giambattista Valli

I really liked the colour of the dress, and I don't think Rosario looks that bad, but I had a problem with that ruffle bottom it looks like it's all feather :s I should have like it if the dress continued with the theme from the top and was a short cocktail dress. just saying..

Chloe Sevigny In Proenza Schouler Is it me or does Chloe look very scary!! seriously, that look on her face and the heels of the shoes... AH on a side note, I really LOVE the colour of the dress, not so much love for the crazy lace long sleeve cut of the dress...
Kristen Stewart In Chanel Couture
GAHHH!!!!!! This girl needs to smile!!!!!! She's at that age where she can pull of a crazy-ish dress like that but girlfriend needs to OWN the dress. She has this "uh, they made me come to this red carpet, they got me this stupid dress and now I have to stand here and take a bunch of pictures... what a drag" look on her face. SMILE KRISTEN SMILE!

Jessica Szohr In Atelier Versace
Cremeish Beige and Black look very hot together, specially on this dress. I love the floral/viny detail on the top, not really feeling the bottom ...

Rachel Bilson In Louis Vuitton

Isn't this outfit slightly too casual for an event like this??? The dress isn't bad, but you could have done better Rachel... just saying.

Donatella Versace In Atelier Versace

I don't like this dress as much as the one she wore at the White House last week, but it's still a pretty dress. When I saw this picture though, I felt like it was exactly like the other picture... something about the posture and her lips :/

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