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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's in my bag?

I'm jumping on the train of "What's in your bag?" posts that are popping up on every blog, it seemed like a cool idea so I'm joining the fun :)

Blue Bershka Bag with chains.
-H&M floral sunglasses
-Pink Ecosse wallet
-Green Chinese inspired satin purse (used at pencil case)
-Brown Leather notebook/diary (I drew the purple flames on it and my initials)
-Transparent make up bag
-Keys (with too many key chains)
-Pepper Spray
-Sony Walkman (not an iPod girl, I need batteries that last!)
-Nokia E71 phone with blue/green cover
-Bottle Caps*
What's in your bag??????

*Collecting them for a charity project here in Lebanon, "Bottle Caps for Handicaps" where a certain amout of bottle caps collected will buy an organization or hospital wheelchairs.

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