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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Add it to the list! Multicoloured bag

Yesterday I was out with my friend Shoush to celebrate her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN) and we later headed to Virgin to stock up on magazines and books. I was caught between getting Elle Uk or Glamour, since I usually get Elle I decided to give Glamour a shot and went for it. (don't worry Elle, I'll come for you soon enough though) I later went on their website, to the shopping section, and found this lovely bag!
And so I'm adding Multicoloured bag to my list of things I want when I go "Crazy Spring Shopping" (next weekend). I have bright coloured bags, but they're just one colour and when I saw this colourful lovely, I had the urge to reach into the screen and grab it before anyone saw. I love the little cars and the briefcase shape, it would be perfect for university to fit books and a laptop :)

Pop Style - Multicolor Feed Bag


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