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Saturday, April 24, 2010

95th Anniversary

Today is the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian genocide which occurred in 1915, where 1.5 million Armenians lost their lives due to the massacre against Armenians of the Ottoman Empire by the Young Turk government. Turkey denies this occurrence (although no one blames the current Turkish government for it, but the ones that were in power in 1915), and calls it "a claim by the Armenian people".

95 years ago,1.5 million vanished.
Slaughtered children.
Murdered men, raped women.
Tortured bodies, rivers of blood.
Ruined cities and towns.
They cried and wailed.
Then their voices waned.
Their tears dried.
They passed away like a dust in a wind.
Yet their memory is with us today
And we fight for long lost justice
So there is no more genocide.
The video is the song "Holy Mountains" by the American Armenian band System of a Down, with pictures from the tragedy (viewer discretion is advising, the images are not suitable for children)


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