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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion 2010

Suxy Amis in the "Green" dress, I really like it (specially because its the same colour theme as Avatar)
Sigourney Weaver I love red and I want to like this dress but that random black ribbon is ruining everything! :(
Jane Seymore thank you for brightening up the Oscars!!!
Penelope Cruz does Oscar dresses perfectly, she looks beautiful in Donan karan. But I feel like I've seen her in this dress before :S
Dian Kruger... I'm not a fan of ruffle? and is that ruffle there randomly in the middle of your dress???
Elizabeth Banks, I thought I'd hate this dress, but the more I stare at it the more I like it. Good job!
Miley Cyrus looking better than usual, the top part of the dress looks funny and maybe a bit small??
WOW Meggie Gyllenhal, that is come blue :S Too bad it's not working for me.
Tina Fey... um not really liking this dress.
Molly Ringwald, red heads can pull of purple very well! But not so sure about this look. Love the bracelet though!
Sarah Jessica Parker is your dress on backwards??? It looks funny.

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