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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion 2010

Rachel McAdams in my top 3 favorite dress for the night! She's one of my choices for best dressed, it's fresh and not like her usual dresses and I think she pulled it off perfectly!
Jennifer Lopez... in bubble wrap!? I've been reading a lot of reviews on this dress and msot people like it, I'm not one of them. I think it looks like bubble wrap and it's just weird -in a bad way.
Queen Latifa, I really like this colour very pretty bravo :D
Merryl Streepe classy as usual.
Charleze Theron, what is that on your boobies hmm?????
One of my favorite looks of the night! The dress is beautiful!!!!! yeay for Gabourey Sidibe
Demi Moore, meh she looks good for her age but I don't really like the dress...
Sherri Sheperd looking cute :)
Kristen Stewart looking better than expected, but girl you need to smile you're at the OSCARS FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!!
Kate winslet looking lovely as usual.
Cameron Diaz, another one of my favorite looks of the night beautiful
Sandra Bullock the girl of the hour looking fabulous!! :D

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