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Monday, March 1, 2010

Nails of the almost Week

A new salon/spa/nail/hair/everything a girl dreams of place opened up right next to uni recently. On Monday the girls and I decided to get pampered and try it out. I decided to get the full manicure, and ... well... being a crazy person, I decided I wanted yellow nails. I'd seen it on the cover of Seventeen (I forget who was on the cover though) a while back and I thought it looked cute. So when I saw that this place had the colour I was looking for, I went for it.
The first coat looked crappy, but then second coat came on and I sat at the bar (where they have a fan thing installed to dry your nails while having a drink)and waited. The colour came out really cool! What was more shocking was that they lasted until friday. that is a full FIVE DAYS! woohoo :D So yup, it almost made it a whole week :)
OU the nail polish brand I believe was "Jessica".

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