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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love me or Hate me

It is that time again, the time where I bring to you things that you'd either Love or Hate. tam tam tammmm *drum role*. Our ,er, let's call it "victim", is the "Palm sequin cocktail dress" by Marc Jacobs. What attracted me to this dress was the colours, I really like the colours. So I clicked on it, and I zoomed in and I saw all the sequins... Let me tell you, sequins and I are not good friends (had a favorite bag that had sequins on it, then they came off and it looked all weird so ever since that time, I've stayed away from them). But lot's of sequins are poping up everywhere, and like most things *cough*leggings*cough* I've accepted them. Note: not loved them... just accepted them as a fact of fashion at the current moment.
Which brings me back to the dress, or does it? man I talk a lot. I like the design and the bow detail, and the colour. So um, I like it? But what do you think? Love it or Hate it???

Marc Jacobs
Palm sequin cocktail dress

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