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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hibou Boo Boo Boo

It is a known fact that I hate birds, specifically pigeons and chickens.
It's the combination of the feathers, the way they walk, their necks doing this weird thing.
Bottom line, me no likey feathery friends.
BUT (and yes there's an exception to every rule), I think Penguins and Owls are cute.
At least cartoons/jewerly/printed wise :)
This caught my eye at Lulu.com, SO CUTE! Chubby wubby little owl! :D

"Need a fair feathered friend you can always count on? Our Wingman Earrings in Bronze will surprise you with an adorable owl figure surrounded by a stylin' brass hoop. Each owl is complete with detailed eyes and feathers. Earrings have a 2.25" diameter and hang from a brass hook. Man made materials. Imported."?
Wingman Earrings in Bronze

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