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Thursday, February 11, 2010

14 things for the 14th

I'm not a V-day person, my red dress theme for the week is the closest thing i've ever done for this occasion. But for the first time this year, I don't feel like popping all the red balloons I see everywhere I go (I'm not a violent person, well maybe a smidge, but that's it, I promise!*smiles innocently*). I've also been seeing lot's of blogs and websites posting their Valentine picks etc. I shall be a copy cat, and do the same thing.

*drum role*
I introduce to you my 14 picks for the 14th :) [very creative hehe I know :P]

This is my favorite "fancy" chocolate (my favorite being maltesers). This is a cute special occasion box. Adorable ain't it?
2. LUELLA Heart envelope clutch $398.65
So I love bags with heart on them, and I like them even more when they're very subtle. I like the colour and the envelopness of this clutch :)
3. Shiny.Licious by MaybellineMy favorite lip gloss, which is a more of a special occasion lip gloss(i generally don't like the hair sticking to my lips factor that comes with lip gloss). There are lot's of lovely named shades to pick from. I randomly picked Strawberry tart at Target a couple of years back, and I'm glad I did. It makes the lips look very pretty, a very nice shade, but not overwhelming.
4. Express Volume by Maybelline

I promise you I'm not a Maybelline spokes person, I'm just an addicted fan *smiles innocently*. Hey when the customer is happy, she likes to share :) The first time I got this, it was at the Target spree along with the lipgloss above. My mom used to use it, and I used to steal *cough* i mean borrow it from her, she then got angry so I went and got my own. Anyhoo two years later, this is my "go too" Mascara. Naturally on this occasion, I'd "go too" to my trusty Mascara to make the lashes look lovely :)
5. Office BOW TIME RED PATENT Leather £65.00

We all know that I don't need there to be an occasion for me to post a pretty shoe on here. I find this very appropriate for the occasion. There are too many factors that I love about this shoe, the Mary Jane style, red colour, the bow, the platform, I can go on all day ... but I won't... for your sake of course XD
6. Valentines Day Movie

Yes i'm being very cheesy and non-cool (what is that word :S) But,er, yes. I really do want to see this movie. I'm guessing it's going to be similar to the "He's just not that into you " movie, with the 348237495729348579283457 celebrities *cough* i mean actors, pardon my english. Which means *does calculations* I'll enjoy it. Plus i really want to see Taylor see acting, or maybe not acting? Oh and that's Swift not Lautner *yum!* :)


What is valentines without a red dress (or black, but let's stick to red for now). Herve Leger, yum, making the best figure hugging dresses i've ever seen in my life. I love this dress, very appropriate for the occasion :)

8. "Love Will Come Through" by Travis

One of my favorite songs of all time, i heard this when I was 12 and I fell in love with it :)

9. Dot Dot Dot Polka Dot Studs by Betsey Johnson

It's not Valentine's without something by Betsey :) She just makes me smile!
10. Heart Lace Bra

Of course, we needs to spice things up :P need I say more?
11. Ring Heart Black Ring.

More heart accessories, hehehe :D Ring + heart= ring that i heart :D
12. Vintage Butler & Wilson Red Heart And Charms Bracelet - Gold plated bracelet by Butler & Wilson
- Vintage design with heart shape cupid charms
- Chunky high shine chain with secure fastening

13. Alexander McQueen, Heart Toe pumps.

OMG! I don't need it to be Valentine's day or any special occasion day to want these shoes. They are just beautifully gorgeously perfect! AHH!!! *hugs Alex* (yes, he's my home boy;))

14. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

We are finally at my last pick my bunnies. You have to smell good don't you ?? Again, one of my favorite perfumes (apart from Alien by Thierry Mugler :P). I don't know what it is, but I really like the scent :)

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