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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unicorn Princess Heels in Silver

The name just takes me back to when I was 8, but even back then I didn't really like unicorns (although I did like my princesses).
Here's the scenario that came into my head.
Woman 1: Hey Jane, weird but nice-ish shoes, where ever did you get them?
Woman 2: Well Stacey, these are the "Unicorn Princess Heels!" from Modcloth
Woman 1: unicorn princess?? isn't that your daughter's shoes?

I'm leaning towards a "No" on this one, I don't know though still a bit iffy. I think I had a problem with the shoe in the first place, then I read the name and had a bigger problem.
I've made up my mind, I'm a "No" (unless I see it being pulled off well by someone *cough*)
Here's the discription of these shoes:

"Whether you've just stepped out of a storybook or just stepped out for a night on the town, mythically perfect shoes are a must. By shoe guru Jeffrey Campbell, these silver-hued pumps feature a dramatic ruffle, peep toe, and a unicorn-inspired heel you'll have to see to believe. Pair it with a dress fit for a princess and sparkly accessories"

Anyway, whether you like it or hate it, it's the Unicorn Princess Heels in Silver for $119.99

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