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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Would Blair Wear This ?

I LOVE headbands, and i owe it to my mom and Blair Waldorf for making me love them.
i've been looking for funky bands online to see if I can actually find one in real life, and i stubled upon lot's of funly styles and it made me wonder, "Would Blair Wear This?". Which in turn gave me a bright idea to actually post these bands and see if thoughts about them, to answer the question is she would or not.

Now this is something that is similar to one's that she's worn before. And I think I have an idea about the answer of the question, but it's very pretty and i wanted to post it anyways.
I like the design of it, but the material looks a little velvety... and i'm very iffy when it comes to velvet :S

It's from the John Lewis website, and it's £25 available in red, black, and Taupe


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