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Sunday, December 6, 2009


I saw a similar pair of these flats at Bershka -around 6 months ago- in brown, and I wanted them. I was short on cash, so i decided to get them when i had the money, I went to Bershka 3 weeks later and they were gone :( boom, vanished, sold out, never to be seen again. I was literally heart broken. I kept looking for them everytime i went to the store, but they NEVER had them :( Then today, i'm checking out the Moxsie website and BAM i see these similar flats to the ones at Bershka (they had a smidge bigger studs and the heel was less blunt). There's hope in the world again :)

Although these ones are grey, they're still pretty and I still want them :)
They are $85.
If you also want a pair, head to this website (or click on the pic)

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