November 7th 2009 - Nouchaline

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7th 2009

I feel so bad that I haven't updated my blog since its creation... well not that anyone cares since no one reads this BUT let me just pretend I have a reader. (HELLO)
Uni has been very stressful this year, but I've decided to be more active.
I'm trying to detach myself from the people I usually just stick with, because I'm uncomfortable being alone. I joined clubs and subcommittees, a great addition to my workload. (bring on the all nightners woohhooo).
I even went out, and stayed out pretty late, on a school night =) (i'm such a rebel... i know=P)
apart from that life is really good, obviously not everything though.. but i'm not in a bitchy mood so i won't go there.
I've decided that I'm going to also add a wishlist type of post thingy bingy. where i'm just going to share with the world my materialistic desires. I might not seem like a fashionista to people, but don't underestimate me.
i know my desgners, i know my real bag versus fake, and i'm constantly searching for new things to dream of owning. so meow

I don't know what direction this blog will be taking, so we'll just wait and see then?

that's all for now folks -or folk, heck , NO folk- i will try and update more frequently.

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