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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boutin for the Heart

I haven't had a Boutin for the Heart post in a while, to make it up here are two shoes :)

The first pick is the Christian Louboutin Tina boot, and i have to admit i selected this boot partially for the name "Tina" who is one of my closest friends. Anyhoo the fringes might not be accepted by all, but it's Louboutian for Christian's sake so your opinion does not matter :P

They're $ 220 from

(oh and there are other colours too, the purple is yummy as well)

The Second Pick is the Ruched Ankle Boot in sand colour. I still have not figured out how to wear ankle boots properly, but this does not refrain me from buying them and looking up pretty ones online.

These are $226 from

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