Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Beauty Products Under $10

I don't want to even calculate the amount of money I spend on makeup in a year. I'm aware that I have a problem, I spend hundreds of dollars in exchange for a bright pink lipstick that's ever so slightly a different shade from the other ten bright pink lipsticks I already own. The good thing though is that I don't particularly limit my purchases to high end and expensive makeup, so I get to test out a lot of affordable makeup as well. It's a little tough to find decent makeup that's also decently priced in Lebanon since a lot of items are up to four times their original price in the states. I thought it would be fun to share some underrated but super affordable beauty products that you can find at most Lebanese supermarkets, beauty counters or pharmacies that are actually pretty good!

**Please note that the prices might differ from one store to another**

Sunday, January 25, 2015

VLOG: Forever 21 Beirut Opening & Pacman Ring!

One of my new year's resolutions was to start vlogging because I really enjoyed vlogging my Dubai trip and I like the idea of having a little video diary to keep track of all the things that I get up to. I'm not sure if a weekly vlog will be a thing, since my life is not THAT exciting, but I will be taking you guys along during weeks where fun things are happening. This week's vlog started out on Friday at the preview event for the first Forever 21 store in Lebanon. A weekend of fun activities was supposed to follow, but I had camera difficulties on Saturday which damaged the footage that I had filmed. The icing on the cake though was getting very sick and spending my Sunday in bed. Things bounced back a bit on Monday when I finally had the energy to go back to work and hang out with some friends at night at ABC Ashrafieh for some dinner and dessert. Enjoy!

How was your week?

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Friday, January 23, 2015

WANTED: MAC "Smoked Purple"

[ image source: ThePersianBabe ]

Ever since I got my hands on MAC Heroine last year- and drove you guys crazy with my constant babbling about it- it seems that I have developed a serious addiction to purple toned lipsticks. My latest lust is MAC's "Smoked Purple" which came to my attention after ThePersianBabe and UglyFaceOfBeauty mentioned it in their videos. It's a very dark vampy shade of purple with a smidge of wine, and it's just SO FLIPPING GORGEOUS I need it in my life. It is a matte finish, just like Heroine, which is the only finish I've tried from MAC but in general is the type of finish I prefer. Barbara (from PersianBabe) mentioned that she wears the lipstick with the Vino lip liner from MAC, which is also on my list of things I want to try from MAC, so who knows maybe I'll do a two birds with one stone type of shopping spree at MAC very soon.

[image source: Selfridges]

Side note: why is MAC SO expensive in Lebanon? This lipstick retails for £15.5 in the UK (36,000 LL) and $16 in the US (24,000 LL), but it's 53,000 LL in Lebanon! That's almost twice the price of the UK and more than twice the price of the US. Not cool MAC, not flipping cool! -_-

What MAC lipstick do you want to get yours hands on?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

Ever since I saw Lily Pebbles talk about the latest mascara from Max Factor called the "Masterpiece Transform High Impact Volumising Mascara", I just knew I had to get my hands on it. The gold and black packaging was just calling out my name, and after I found out that the bristles are plastic (and somehow similar looking to the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara- thin plastic wand and bristles), it was just a matter of time that the mascara would find itself in my basket and on its way to the check-out counter. I've been testing out this product for around two weeks so that I can give you an honest review. To cut the story short, I'm not a fan. Everything about it made it seem that I would like it, but the reality is far from it, dare I say, I hate it. It manages to mush my lashes together to form a clumptastic mess. The shape of the bristle head makes it really hard to get into the inner corner of the eye, although it nicely coats the outer corner lashes. The formula is a little too wet for my taste which makes it really hard to use. It  also did not add volume to my lashes as it said it would. Every time I would reach for this mascara I ended up regretting it. Since I own many mascaras that I hated at first and then loved (like the Maybelline Rocket), I decided to give it another chance to dry out a bit... used it again, didn't like it. I also tried to use it on top of a separating mascara, this wasn't so bad... but still not really worth it. Two weeks have passed by, and I still haven't warmed up to this mascara, it's a shame really because I've been a fan of other ones from this brand.

Packaging: Gorgeous.

Formula: Runny, very wet. Not water proof.

Bristles: Small plastic bristles that alternate in size (small to big then big to large).

Volume: No proper volume on its own. Acceptable volume when used after a separating mascara.

Length: Average lengthening ability.

Clumpiness: Oh.My.Clumps. Not acceptable!

Staying Power: Not bad, stayed on almost all day without flaking off.

Final Look: After figuring out how to use it, you get an acceptable look that's borderline "spider lashes".

Rating: 2.5/5 If you like drier formulas, you won't be a fan, but if you're all about the wet formula then you will love it!

Have you given this mascara a try? What are your thoughts?

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