Monday, March 9, 2015

On The Go Nail Emergency Saviors

How many times have you been out, all dressed up and ready for your outing only to realize in the car or upon your arrival that the nail polish on one of your nails has decided to chip, or worse, that your actual nail has decided to chip. I know this is a very first world problem situation, but it really annoys me and sometimes ruins my mood, especially when I've taken the time to  make sure that my finger tips are polished. After trying out a bunch of methods, I've realized that I always go back to these five products to fix a little emergency. I always have at least one of them on stand by in my handbag, car or office to make sure that something as lame as a chipped nail won't get to me. 

1) Touch up with the actual nail polish:

This is a bit of a DUH suggestion, but I've noticed that a lot of people do not do this. It's a bit of a hassle if you're one to change your nail polish around very often, but having the actual color you have painted on with you is a great way to touch up and make sure no one notices the chipping. 

2) Top Coat or clear polish:

Sometimes you may notice a little peal at the corner of your nail, apply a generous dab of top coat or clear polish on that point and then go over it with a normal coat to even things out. This will prevent that little peal from completely pealing off. 

3) Glitter Nail Polish:

This was my go-to technique for saving a chipped nail a couple of years ago. I've cut back now because I'm not that into glitter nail polishes anymore, but it's probably the smoothest option because once you cover a chipped nail with a glitter polish no one can tell it was chipped in the first place. Just like the top coat option, you don't need to switch out the bottle every time. You can keep a neutral shade with you like black, gold or silver and use it to fix any emergency color situation.

4) Band-Aid:

A very dramatic option that works if it's only one nail that is chipped is a band-aid. You just cover up that bad boy and pretend it doesn't exist, it's also a good way of not picking at the chipped nail. It's really dramatic, I know, but I have done this before. It's also my go to option if the nail itself chips and not just the nail polish.

5) Nail File:

The best way to fix a chipped nail is to file it away! You can keep a small nail file in your wallet to make sure you have one with you at all times in case of an emergency. There's nothing worse than having your finger nail get caught in everything you touch!

What are your nail emergency saviors?

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Samoa Catwalk Ink Liner

The quest for the perfect liquid liner continues with a review of an old favorite: Samoa Catwalk Ink liner. This was one of the first liquid liners I ever tried out, definitely the first felt tip one at least. It used to be my go-to liner around 2010/2011, when I first decided to try out the winged liner look before giving up and resorting to a life of smokey eyed looks. A while back when I was trying to make a list of affordable beauty products, I remembered how much I loved this eyeliner so I repurchased one and fell back in love. It is definitely one of the best felt tip liquid liners that are available at an affordable price in Lebanon (13,000 LL at most supermarkets).

Felt tip (like a marker), liquid black eyeliner. Available in a variety of colors: black, blue, brown, green and blue. 


Smooth and even. Allows for medium to thick liner application, the tip is very fine which is awesome for thin lines, but I've noticed that it dries out quickly so a couple of weeks later it's not the best for thin lines. The pen itself is easy to hold and gives you precise control over how you want your liner to look. 

Staying Power:
WILL.NOT.MOVE. I apply this on at 7:30 am and it stays there until I come home around 8 to 9 pm. At the same time it's easy to remove, here's how I remove it

Complete matte finish. 

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried out the Samoa Catwalk Ink Liner?

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

How To: Remove Waterproof Makeup

In one of my previous posts I got a lot of comments asking me how I remove my makeup, especially if I'm wearing waterproof eyeliner or mascara, so I thought I'd share the products I used with you all. Makeup removal is a very important part of a skincare routine that should never ever ever be skipped! Before we begin, I'd like to point out that I have normal to oily skin with occasional breakouts. The foundations I often wear are Maybelline's Affinitone, Estee Lauder's Double Wear Camouflage Foundation (that is very very high coverage), Bourjois Healthy Mix, and Garnier's BB Cream. On my eyes there's always some form of an eyeshadow and, very recently, a waterproof eyeliner (Urban Decay 24 hours, Makeup Forever Aqua Liner, and Samoa's Catwalk Inkliner). With that said, let's move on to the part where I take it all off... of my face, guys, my face!

Byphasse Miscellar Water (15,000 LL), available at most pharmacies and beauty shops.
I grab my cotton pads and miscellar water by Byphasse, it works just like Bioderma but at the quarter of the price. I use this to remove my eye makeup, I let the cotton pad sit on my eyelids for a couple of seconds and then swipe off all the mascara, eye liner and shadows on my eye balls. I then go in with what's left on the pad and wipe the rest of my face to remove some face makeup. This product is very light weight, scentless and alcohol free, it really makes the whole makeup removal process super easy!

Camomile Oil Cleanser (32,000 LL), available at The Body Shop
The miscellar water manages to remove most of the product from around my eyes, but I like to go in after it with an oil cleanser to make sure that absolutely everything is off . I also use the oil to remove my face makeup, it really cleans my face and leaves it feeling super soft. I'm currently using the Camomile Oil Cleanser from The Body Shop which I mentioned in my Best Beauty Products of 2014 post. It is seriously amazing and definitely worth a try! You can use it on its own (rubbing your with fingers) or with a damp wash cloth, works both ways really well. 

Makeup Removal Wipes, available at all supermarkets and pharmacies.
On lazy days or when I'm travelling around, I like to just use makeup wipes, they're easy and effective. My favorite ones are by Simple, but these are sadly not available in Lebanon so I just get a random one from Nivea or Johnson & Johnson. Some say that wipes aren't good for your skin because the product on the wipes linger around on your skin, but I don't think they're too bad if you go in with a face wash after or if you use them once in a while. 

What do you use to remove your makeup?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Closet Staple: The Band Tee

The band tee has played an important role in my wardrobe since I was a teenager and into rock music. Back in the day I loved the emo/punk look so my outfits always consisted of a black band t-shirt, black jeans, black converse or vans and obviously black eyeliner. Several years later, my style has "matured", but I still have a special place for band tees in my heart wardrobe. I've even spoken about them before in a post not too long ago, how it pisses me off when people wear shirts of bands they haven't even heard of. They have since become an official closet staple for me. One of my favorite ways to style a band tee is to mix it all up with some more (slightly) feminine pieces for a mature look. In this look I took one of my favorite Nirvana tee and paired it with my maroon/burgundy jeans, to add that feminine and more "mature" vibe I opted to complete the look with heeled booties, a slouchy blazer and my new obsession: the green Zara bag. Heels or no heels, this form of outfit is one of my signature "go-to" outfits which I'm super comfortable in. 

Side note: I am obsessed with my Zara bag, which has made an appearance on my Instagram feed already. Apart from being pretty heavy, it's perfection. 

T-shirt/hat: H&M | Blazer: New Look | Jeans: Lucky Brand Jeans | Handbag: Zara | Shoes: Macy's? | Necklace: Miss Selfridge | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Rings: Maria Az, AUB, H&M | Earrings: Primark | Lipstick: Rimmel Matte Lip Velvet "Meteoric Matte" 

Are you a fan of band tees?

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Photos by: Shahine268

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