Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wanted: The Evergreen Handbag

I've been lusting over an evergreen handbag from last fall. It's that perfect shade of dark green with the faintest hint of blue for the colder months when your all black outfits crave that slight pop of color. There's really not much I can say about the bag that goes beyond "I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT!". I'm still on the hunt for the perfect type of handbag, do I want a tote? A bowling bag? A cross body? A satchel? So many options! I've been stalking the interwebs and drooling over pictures for a while but I still haven't found a handbag in the Lebanese stores that made feel like it's "THE ONE". Do you guys get that feeling with handbags (or other items)? You'd be casually browsing a store, then suddenly it calls out to you and it's just love at first sight. Yes? No? Well, it happens to me and with statement items like the evergreen handbag... I don't like buying any random one, it has to be one that makes my insides tingle! 

What is your must have handbag for fall?

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UPDATE: Found two possible candidates at Zara and Charles & Keith. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tutorial: Puzzle Nails!

I loved puzzles as a kid, back in the day of slow internet and board games (in actual physical board form). Thought it would be cute to bring the fun activity to ma nails with this puzzle nail art! Not  hard design to pull off, but waiting for coats to dry does take some patience...

What I used:

Seventeen base coat, Maybelline Color show "pink", China Glaze "blue me away", Seventeen yellow, Seventeen purple, Seche Vite top coat, dotting too (or a pin head).


Apply base coat to protect your nails.
Apply your first color on one half of the nail, take your second color and apply it on the other half.
Take the third color and apply on one half of the nail from the center to the tip. Take the fourth color and do the opposite in the other way. You'll be left with squares of color that should remind you of the microsoft logo.
With a dotting tool take the first color and make a dot in the third color part (its bottom), then continue the process with the other colors until you're done.
Apply top coat to protect the design and voila!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

#CavalliGodfather Event at Cavalli Cafe

(L TO R: Leen from Le Journal De Leen, Salma from Sunset De Amor, Maya from Playing with Fashion, ME, Elsa from Pretty Capricieuse, Chanty from Le Blog De Chanty, Ginane from Sunset De Amor, Hiba from Cloud of Lace). 

Hello, my name is Aline and I've never seen The Godfather. Please don't shoot me.  BUT I did get to attend my first "Godfather" themed event last night, thanks to the lovely people at Cavalli Cafe who made it all happen! This was my second visit to Cavalli Cafe, I always thought it wasn't my kind of place... a little too pish posh for my liking... but it's actually chill and the interior is fabulous. My favorite part is the luscious animal printed couches, so comfy and spacious! The black & white event gathered a large chunk of the Lebanese online community, which is awesome because I got to see all my favorite online people and fashion bloggers. There's really nothing like chit chatting with your girls while enjoying a yummy dinner.  The hilarious part of having dinner with social media folk is that no one is allowed to touch the food until it has been photographed for Instagram and the blog. But we were a little too hungry at times and forgot to take pictures before digging in... OOPS. 

Dress: H&M | Cardigan: Ross | Shoes: Primark | Handbag: Chanel | Earrings: Forgot | Necklace: random cheap pearls | Lips: Rimmel Apocalips "Big Bang" | Nails: Dali "Strawberry" 

I got a little carried away with my outfit for the evening, and did a bit of research for hair and makeup inspiration. The final look was something completely out of my comfort zone but I really love it! The most awkward part though was my faux-pearl necklace, it was a random costume necklace that a friend had given me ... that I had never ever worn, I decided to put it on since it went with the theme. I got into the car, and five minutes through the drive it suddenly broke. The beads went everywhere! I managed to salvage some of the necklace and tied the strings up to make a shorter necklace, I felt so bad for Maya's car!

Have you been to Cavalli Cafe?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Travel Diary: Weekend in Anjar for Khatch

My swing. 
I know that trip from Beirut to Anjar does not technically justify "travel", but since I didn't get to travel anywhere this summer let's just go along with it, shall we? The weekend of September 13th was "Sourp Khatch" (Holy Cross? Saint Cross? Eid El Salib? Not sure what the equivalent is in English or Arabic) and basically it's the eid/celebration of Anjar where a ton of Armenians (and Lebanese, we don't bite I promise) from all over Lebanon come to the village and celebrate for a whole weekend. The main street of Anjar that takes you up to the big church is closed to automobiles and has little kiosks on the side where you can get jewelry, food, jam, sunflowers and general bits and bobs. Some people even set up camp for the weekend in the forrest-y areas next to the main street. At the church, there's musical entertainment in the garden and the church people cook "Hariseh" (which is like a meat stew mixture thing). Basically it's a fun weekend of gathering and general jolliness before the start of schools, kind of like an official "farewell to summer" village party. Even though I go up to Aanjar almost every weekend, this year's trip to "Sourp Khatch" was only my second (that I can recall). I didn't do too much celebrating since I didn't go up with any friends, but just the fact that I was far away from polluted Beirut in a clean village with awesome weather was enough for me to enjoy my time. This year's celebrations weren't as crazy as previous years since not a lot of people went up to Aanjar fearing the tense situation of the country (and especially the Bekaa Valley). Either way, I snapped some pics which I thought I'd share with you guys! 

Pomegranates chilling in my garden. 
Can you spot my mom?

Fresh sunflower seeds. 

Converse and jeans, Village attire. 

Farmer on his tractor.
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